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According to the Oxford Dictionary, Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. And Michael Blythe defines Creativity as going beyond the usual - stepping outside of the box. It can be defined in many ways, such as how a person explores ideas or uses different ways to solve issues - and how one experiences life.

Everyone is creative in their own way. How I solve my own struggles might be different from yours. Whether that might be because it is easier for you to step out from the usual or simply you being the adventurous type. What is good about it is you will discover more that helps you enhance the creativity in you.

I often found myself being trapped in a world of comfort. One simple routine that I round up every day that goes to a week, to a month, and Imagine that in a year! It sounds like there is no room for innovation. Is it?

The Reality of Comfort is not an environment that will spark creativity. To step outside the box is where the goodies of life begin. Every stimulus has its own beauty to a person. How you perceive it might be different from mine, from everybody. How you put color to it is unique, depends on how imaginative and motivated you could get in the process. What influenced how you do it might be based on your support and resources.

5 Ways to Become Creative

1. Be different. How you were brought up as a child doesn't make you less creative. Instead, It is where your foundation is. I grew up with almost nothing fancy things on hand, to at least spark my curiousity that something great exists and feel how wonderful it could be to own a thing and get curious on how it is made. I remember how I delivered well a task so fast to join my friends play in the riverbank. A little motivation there, I should say!

Growing up in an environment with less access to technology means I have to get things done manually made me have a common-sense foundation literally. Inventing what is already Invented on the other side is not a good way. Instead, having a great understanding of how it is made gives you the chance to get innovative and be different.

2. Take the risk. Reflect and know your reasons why you need to step up. People tend to enjoy the process of being creative when they have their goals written. Weigh the Pros and Cons The key here is to experiment to discover and get the better results you aim for.

3. Be in Constant Change. Here, you might have accepted to get comfortable with changes by now or as you age, to say the least. In other words, trusting your creativity box inside you that something there is a solution. You just have to dig. Sometimes it seems you found the solution but found out needs an upgrade, well that's part of a change. Finding the perfect solution needs a vivid imagination and the strong sense of purpose that levels a skill of creativity up.

4. Join a Community. Why? Learn from people. Being around different personality types helps you somehow realize how your creativity is part of something greater. How your idea gives a solution to a common goal. The Creative Environment of a community provides sparks that make you want to belong for good reasons. The support and  purpose of finding a solution or meaning is a great factor to enhance minds creativity.

 5. Be Weird within Reason. When you feel something is off that might means better ways. Challenge them with your ideas, explore, and get the right perspective. Go with the process with the right understanding. Shallow it down to reality. Generate the results you found and celebrate you being creative!

*Disclamer. What I have written is not based on Science. Written based on my Creativity, nothing more nothing less. Take what is of value to you and leave a comment below for any suggestion. Peace!

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