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I am a home sewing hobbyist, this passion gets me into Affiliate Marketing business. As a personal project, helping creative people fill in the gaps around technology through this Education, by going through the first step to what is imperative onto creating an automated online business, around products or skills, you already have. This at the same time allowed me more time to invest in my projects that inspire me.  -Pureza Licudine-

Being an Immigrant made me see the beauty of life in my home country and its simplicity.

And living around other cultures made me appreciate the tremendous possibilities of learning to move around the pieces considering my reason why I became an immigrant in the first place.

  Over time, I have adjusted to the culture of my new home and invested in learning fresh skills, inspired by their culture and people's colorful ways that made them happy and successful.

Somehow along my journey, I've had a hard time balancing work and Living my life, waking up every day with the "Monday blues" feeling and wasting my time being the social media follower, saving their post, and not doing anything.

So I ask myself who would I expect to do the work to achieve a better life? Them? So, those experiences pushed me to act on my reasons to live.

Thinking I will not be in my thirties in the next 10 years, I want to be married and have kids, a dream to visit my family often while working, to have financial stability, and to a life that pursues purpose and meaning.

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I've always enjoyed writing in my diary, and I discovered to be one of my ways to express myself at the same time to hold onto a memory. Most of the time laughing about what I have written, the embarrassment I've had, and how I came to overcome it. I've learned that there is no better way to learn about life than not to be afraid to be in places I never been, that the more I expose myself to people the more I learn who I am becoming. I realized that those uncomfortable experiences made me grow personally. I was a shy little girl, with no talent at all than to be friendly and agreeable.

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Like many stories, we strived and finished schooling like what it should be.

I am a nurse by profession, been to a lot of training and exams yet unfortunate to be working until the financial support was over. So when I had the opportunity to go overseas, without a doubt taken it.

Worked full time in a housekeeping job to support me on a monthly basis and it happened to be like a-two steps routine, going to work, and staying home.

It feels like an aimless "busywork" which is not a happy place to be.

I was afraid of being stuck and was slowly losing who I was once. But I did not let that false sense of helplessness to take control of my goals and ambition. So, as a reward, I bought things that I thought would make me happy. The first one was a guitar since part of me want to be a rock star, Jaja learned the major chords and left the guitar undusted in the corner. I found a shop selling sewing machine with an available course, bought it, and finally self-motivation kicks in.

Invested more of my extra income buying accessories for my sewing machine and fulfilled to have the course completed. Left some of my part-time jobs, and started tailoring in the afternoon. And I then became thirsty for progress.

I struggled with the language since I only speak the basics of Spanish.

So decided to cut some time in the afternoon to go to school. Focused on learning the Spanish language, met different personalities, made new friends and it just presented me with meaningful challenges, and what was rewarding was I started to value the freedom to explore new environments.

I learn more about myself, it makes me see what aspects I need to work on more. Being open-minded to ideas and as a result happier with what I am becoming.

Recently, I went home to visit my father and due to the Pandemic, I stayed there for a beautiful 4months, having to start again from the basics and grateful how fortunate I am to have a world of both life simplicity and of tremendous possibility.

..the clarity and the solution

Went back fully charged considering what I want to do for a living, having the freedom to go home and recharge, having kids in the future, and without a doubt enough income to support all that.

While on quarantine, I came across a YouTube Ad about An online course I never thought existed, about Affiliate Marketing that you promote other people's products or programs you personally reviewed and invested in and earn a commission. One best example would be those people behind every sale on Amazon, eBay with their marketing, knowing how well those products had served them. My foundation, I learned here is the right Marketing.

Going back, I was very skeptical at first, thinking what if It is a scam? So I made a little research on what it was and came back after a month and discovered a real community online with the purpose of learning digital skills, full support when needed, and simply grow as a person. Discipline and Hard work are required (just to let you know) but with the assurance of a reward. Like right now, I never thought of making myself a website (where you are reading now), And behind it, is an engine where the skills learned will be applied.

I am proud to say I did all those with the proven system they provided in the course. I'm now an affiliate of the school, which you can do too.

All the best to whatever you are Investing your time or where you want to invest your time.

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